Once Upon A Time – Works by Chiang Wai Lan
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Once Upon A Time – Works by Chiang Wai Lan

People are sometimes not very expressive verbally and they are not willing to express because after all, their thoughts and feelings are buried deep inside their mind. Those beautiful, happy, unforgettable, bitter memories are all placed in their heart. If one day these have been aroused, the thoughts spinning in the mind are intertwined in the form of memories, imaginations and expectations. The question as to which are the imaginary ones and which are the real ones is not very important. They belong to the space that one claims as his/her own. And the mind needs that space in which one can take good care of it.

Regarding the memory and the space that belongs to the Self, Chiang Wai Lan interprets them with a figurative means. This is the way the artist speaks. When you have accumulated a large “collection” of inner thoughts and are enjoying in your own personal world, you might be surprised to realize that when faced with the intervention and participation of another individual, life can become so vulnerable and irresistible. This is probably the sweet curse of destiny. Princes and princesses in fairy tales can live a “happy-ever-after” life as long as they are together. However, there are always problems between lovers in the real world. There is no absolute right or wrong, and everything is just going on. The hero who rides the toy Trojan can only hit and run! If he loses then he can come back and fight again next time. The afflictions in our life are presented in a scene of game; maybe this is the author’s utter resistance! When the mind is not in peace, it is as if it rains inside the house. It is helpless and inevitable. When the flood strikes, one can only faced it by oneself. The gigantic bee and the wild rose suddenly break in and are caught red-handed with the broken vase. Seeing this, you will find the hero being helpless and minuscule.

Powerlessness and helplessness are common in our daily life. How does an artist face such situations? No matter how bitter life can be, as long as someone is willing to comfort you with a cup of tea, taking a break, you can still face it. The trapped rose can still bloomed with care, and the soul that is bound will eventually be liberated. Sometimes what one needs is just to wait for the right moment! The “me” that is revealed in the magic mirror may actually be the real self.

The key to open our mind is in our hands; no one else can save us. Every fish is a thought that has appeared once. The goldfish has a legend of only seven seconds of memory, due to the shortness of seven seconds, it forgets its motive, its plan or its emotion, but it does not forget its original intention. In the water, in an environment without weight, thoughts from the past are still free to swim and come to the fore.

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