「0」 – Works by Wong Weng Io
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「0」 – Works by Wong Weng Io

The opening of “0 – Works by Wong Weng Io” will be held on 17th Sep (Monday)! Wong Weng Io (Yoyo) was born in Macao. She has finished Bachelor of Art (Fine Arts) with First Class Honour in Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. She is now based in Macao. Her works mainly question the relationship and mutual impact in-between human existence, information, technology, personal data, artificial intelligence and robotics.:

 0 – Works by Wong Weng Io
Curator: Cai Guo Jie
Artist: 0 – Works by Wong Weng Io
Exhibition Opening: 9.17.2018, 6:30pm
Exhibition Periond: 9.18 – 10.8/2018 (close on Sundays)

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