Seeing the Invisible – Works by Sylviye Lei
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Seeing the Invisible – Works by Sylviye Lei

Graduated with both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree at The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Sylviye Lei is the Vice-President of AFA Macau. His works have won the Oriental Foundation Art Prize and have been selected to National Exhibition of Arts in China, Macau’s Art Collected, as well as exhibited in exhibitions and art fairs in the US, Australia, Portugal, England, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Taiwan and Mainland China. The most recent ones are “Sylviye Lei – Dimensional Sequence – Painting Exhibition (Arte Periférica, Portugal); “Soft Collision” (Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong); “Ballade – Animamix Contemporary Art” (Macau Museum of Art, Macao); “Steal Into – Lei Ieng Wai Solo Exhibition” (Colour Forest Art Space, Taiwan) etc.

The exhibition is showcasing Sylviye’s thirteen latest oil paintings, which are splendid. “Light” has been Sylviye’s recurring theme for his painting research. His work possesses its own dimension, independent from one to another. While looking at the paints, applied layer by layer, and its subtle changes, gradually expanding towards the whole canvas, one can easily picture how the complicated formulas are worked out by the artist, or how he has repeatedly painted like a pilgrim, which, applying the curator’s description: “…But from the third point of view, does he have a behavioral meaning in the process of implementing such a painting method?”

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