Art Week at Tuk Chun Macau Art Garden
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Art Week at Tuk Chun Macau Art Garden

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Macao’s Handover to China, as well as to enhance and promote Macao’s art development, the building facade of Art Garden Macao has undergone large scale painting with the support of Tuk Chun Group. The project has generated a positive image of Macao’s art promotion. The official opening of the newly painted facade will be held during the “Art Week at Tuk Chun Macao Art Garden” from January 26 to February 3, a festive time of the year as it’s approaching the Chinese New Year. Activities such as artist joint exhibition, light installation, light photography, artist studio open, New Year Craft Market, pole dance performance and music performance by Rachel will be held during the Art Week. The opening of the Art Week will be held on January 26 (Saturday), 5:30pm at Tuk Chun Macao Art Garden. Art Week is organized by Tuk Chun Macao Art Garden, partly sponsored by Macao Foundation, and supported by Trust Const & Invest Co. Ltd.

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